How to save money the smart way


My parents taught me to save some money whenever I received my paychecks.  I have been doing this for a couple years now.  At first depositing $50 every check into a savings account does not seem like it will amount to a lot but after two years $50 x 52 =  $2,600.  This might not be a lot of money but I will continue to let it accumulate throughout college while working part time.

If you set your savings on autopilot before every paycheck you will not be tempted to spend it.

Another way I like to save money is to use cash and save every $5 bill received in change.  You can keep the $5 bills in an envelope and this can amount to a large sum if you use cash regularly.

I do use both methods above and it has helped me boost up my savings.  My ultimate goal is to increase the $50 amount going from every check to $100 then more down the line.  Putting the automatic deposit into my savings account has helped me form good money habits. Continue reading

The art of building and maintaining great credit

Map to Great Credit words on a road map as directions to improving your score or rating so you can obtain money or funding for a purchase, loan or mortgage

My parents emphasized how important credit is while I was in high school, this is before I could ever apply for any credit cards.  They have me as an authorized user on their American Express Card which is building my credit.

I also leased a Toyota Camry when I turned 18 with the help of my parents who co signed.  They taught me to build credit early and keep 1-2 credit cards active and never close them.  Their motto is if you can’t pay the balance in full when the statement arrives, do not charge the purchase.

I would eventually like to purchase a house here in San Diego and my father is great friends with Victor, owner of 

San Diego is such a beautiful place and I could see myself staying and living here after college.  I just finished my first year of college, yes finals week was a little stressful but I got through it.

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Words from my Parents: Invest early, wisely and often


My parents are wealthy and they taught me a very important lesson when I was at the age of 10 years old.  They told me to invest early, wisely and as often as I can.

My father owns his business as an investment advisor and my mother has not had to work as long as I can remember.

My father told me that he started investing in the stock market when he was 19 years old and currently has amassed a very large portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate.  He currently has rental properties in California, Nevada, Florida and New York.

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